Large/Slide Sprue Grippers

Large & Slide Sprue Grippers - Large Gripper has 20mm diameter body with single action for gripping sprue. Slide Grippers have sensor with single action for gripping sprue. Example 1) mounting Tube Changeable Cross Clamp 2) mounting 90º Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp 3) mounting Angle Clamp 4) mounting Swivel Angle Clamp 5) mounting Angle Arm 6) mounting Elbow Arm 7) mounting Spring Loaded Elbow Arm

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23 Slide Sprue Gripper
23 Slide Sprue Gripper : SGL-2023 Single Action Slide Sprue Grippers with 3..
23F Slide Sprue Gripper
23F Slide Sprue Gripper : SGL-2023F Single Action Slide Sprue Grippers with 3 mo..
95 Slide Sprue Gripper
95 Slide Sprue Gripper : SGL-2095 Single Action Slide Sprue Grippers with 4..
Large Sprue Gripper
Large Sprue Gripper : SG-20-A Single Action Large Sprue Grippers with mounting shaft 20mm ..

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