Vertical Swivel Angle Connectors

V-66 & V-88 series Vertical Swing Angle Connectors for mounting L & X-Profile (Let's Join Profile) and fitting as follow Example 1) mounting M5 or PT1/8 Flat, 1.5 Bellows, 2.5 Bellows Cup with Adapter 2) mounting M5 or PT1/8 Push-In Air Fitting 3) mounting M5 of  BF-5, BF6 Barbed Fitting ( Reference EINS - Slide Bracket )

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G8 Long Vertical Connector
G8 Long Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-88-2G8 2 x PT1/8 female connectors, Length : 1..
G8 Short Vertical Connector
G8 Short Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-66-2G8 2 x PT1/8 female connectors, Leng..
M5 Long Vertical Connector
M5 Long Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-88-3M5 3 x M5x0.8mm female connectors, Length : 122..
M5 Short Vertical Connector
M5 Short Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-66-3M5 3 x M5x0.8mm female connectors, Length..
M5G8 Long Vertical Connector
M5G8 Long Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-88-M5G8 M5x0.8 & PT1/8 female connectors, Len..
M5G8 Short Vertical Connector
M5G8 Short Vertical Swivel Angle Connector - V-66-M5G8 M5x0.8 & PT1/8 female connectors, Le..

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