30 stroke M10 AHH Harmo Holder
30 stroke M10 AHH Harmo Holder

   30 stroke M10 AHH Harmo Holder

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Product Code: HCG-1030S-AHH
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30 stroke M10 AHH Harmo Thread Non-Rotating Holder  :  HCG-1030S-AHH Thread & Non-rotating Holder with M10x1.0mm, 30 stroke has AHH adapter and BF-5 hose fitting for fitting Holder Angle Brackets, Holder Extension Brackets, Barbed Fittings, Swivel Cross Clamps, Angle Plates, Swivel Angle Clamps, 92/91 series Suction Cups

Reference : Harmo (SMA-1-30)

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