93 series cup’s Adapter

AFG-4, AFG-568 PT1/8 Male Adapters (Vacuum Cup Adapters/ Suction Cup Adapters)  : for fitting 93 series Suction Cups. Example 1) mounting Adjustable Angle Connector SC-2540 & Cup 2) mounting Cross Connector CC-3515 & Cup 3) mounting Multi-ways Swivel Angle Connector MW-M5G8 & Cup 4) mounting Horizontal Swivel Angle Connector C-66/88-M5G8/2G8 & Cup 5) mounting Vertical Swivel Angle Connector V-66/88-M5G8/2G8 & Cup 6) mounting Horizontal Tube Swivel Angle Connector TCH-08/10/12/20-M5G8/2G8 & Cup 7) mounting Vertical Tube Swivel Angle Connector TCV-08/10/12/20-M5G8/2G8 & Cup 6) mounting Gripper Arm VCM-2050/20100 & Cup 7) mounting Elbow Gripper Arm EGA-1060/10120/1275/1285/1295/12105/20100/20190-M5G8/2G8 & Cup 8) mounting Big Rotating or Non-rotating Suspension & Cup

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