90 - 1.5 bellows (Sil/NBR)

900307, 900209, 900504, 900110, 901116 Mini Silicone, NBR 1.5 Bellows Suction Cup (Vacuum Cup) - Diameter from 4mm to 16mm

Fitting 1) BF-7 or BF-8 Adapter 2) H0-20-BF7/BF8 or H0-8-BF7/BF8 Holder 3) HCG-xxxxS-BF7/BF8 Non-Rotating Holder 3) HCG-xxxx-BF7/BF8 Non-Rotating Holder (Reference - SMC/PIAB)

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 4mm Nitrile Mini Bellows Cup
4mm Nitrile Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900504N diameter 4mm and f..
 4mm Silicone Mini Bellows Cup
4mm Silicone Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900504S diameter 4mm and ..
 6mm Nitrile SMC Bellows Cup
6mm Nitrile SMC Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900307N diameter 6mm and fi..
 6mm Silicone SMC Bellows Cup
6mm Silicone SMC Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900307S diameter 6mm and fittin..
 8mm Nitrile SMC Bellows Cup
8mm Nitrile SMC Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900209N diameter 8mm and fi..
 8mm Silicone SMC Bellows Cup
8mm Silicone SMC Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900209S diameter 8mm and f..
11mm Nitrile PIAB Bellows Cup
11mm Nitrile PIAB Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900110N diameter 11mm and..
11mm Silicone PIAB Bellows Cup
11mm Silicone PIAB Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  900110S diameter 11..
16mm Nitrile PIAB Bellows Cup
16mm Nitrile PIAB Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup - 901116N diameter 16mm and fittin..
16mm Silicone PIAB Bellows Cup
16mm Silicone PIAB Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  901116S diameter 16mm and fit..

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