VCM-1030 : 2xM5, 10mm shaft length - 46mm Gripper Arm. Connecting with as follow

EPC4-M5, EPC6-M5, EPL4-M5, EPL6-M5, EPB4-M5, EPB6-M5 Push-in Air Fittings, BF-5, BF-6 Hose Fittings, BF-7, BF-8, AH1, AH2, AH89, AHH, FABM-30 Adapters,  FM10~40, BM10~40, B2M6~40 Vacuum Cup with Adapters

Mounting by Cross Clamp CJ-1025, Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TC-1038, 90 degree Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCC-1008, TCC-1010, TCC-1012, TCC-1014, TCC-1020, TCC-10M10, TCC-10M12, Horizontal Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCPH-1008, TCPH-1010, TCPH-1012, TCPH-1014, TCPH-1020, TCPH-10M10, TCPH-10M12, Vertical Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCPV-1008, TCPV-1010, TCPV-1012, TCPV-1014, TCPV-1020, TCPV-10M10, TCPV-10M12, X-Cross Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCCS-1008, TCCS-1010, TCCS-1012, TCCS-1014, TCCS-1020, TCCS-10M10, TCCS-10M12, Angle Clamp C-6610, C-8810, Horizontal Swivel Angle Clamp C-6610S, C-8810S, Vertical Swivel Angle Clamp C-6610V, C-8810V, Angle Arm AA-1030, AA-1090, AA-1050, AA-10150, Elbow Arm EA-1060, EA-10120

2M5 small 10mm shaft Gripper Arm

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