AA-2050 : Clamping 20mm Tube with 20mm Shaft Short Angle Arm, For example clamping 20mm Tube, H9-20-05~30 Holders, AA-0850/1050/1250/1450/2050, AA-08150/10150/12150/14150/20150 Angle Arms, EA-20100/20190 Elbow Arms, VCM-2050/20100 Gripper Arms, EGA-20100/20190 Elbow Gripper Arms, SLE-2020~2050 Spring Loaded Elbow Arms, RCG-2020~2050 Big Rotating Suspension, NCG-2020~2050 Big Non-rotating Suspensions, SG-20-A Large Sprue Grippers, FG-2035, FG-2090, FG2095, FG-2095P Finger Grippers, ET-20L50~20L100 Extension Tubes, MB-05~50 Round Nipper Brackets, SGLB-20-20, MSB-10-20, MSB-2030-20, MGB-10-20, MGB-20-20, MEB-3510-20, MEB-2030-20, QWB-102035-20, NYB-510-20, NYB-1525-20 Nipper Brackets.

Mounting by Cross Clamp CJ-2038, Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TC-2038, 90 degree Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCC-2008, TCC-2010, TCC-2012, TCC-2014, TCC-2020, TCC-20M10, TCC-20M12, Horizontal Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCPH-2008, TCPH-2010, TCPH-2012, TCPH-2014, TCPH-2020, TCPH-20M10, TCPH-20M12, Vertical Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCPV-2008, TCPV-2010, TCPV-2012, TCPV-2014, TCPV-2020, TCPV-20M10, TCPV-20M12, X-Cross Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp TCCS-2008, TCCS-2010, TCCS-2012, TCCS-2014, TCCS-2020, TCCS-20M10, TCCS-20M12, Angle Clamp C-6620, C-8820, Horizontal Swivel Angle Clamp C-6620S, C-8820S, Vertical Swivel Angle Clamp C-6620V, C-8820V, Angle Arm AA-2050, AA-20150, Elbow Arm EA-20100, EA-20190, Spring Loaded Elbow Arm SLE-2020, SLE-2030, SLE-2040, SLE-2050

Clamping 20mm Tube with 20mm Shaft Short Angle Arm

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