11 - 1.5 bellows (Sil/NBR/Fluorine)

11 series 1.5 Bellows Suction Cups diameter from 6~40mm with Red - Silicone, Black - NBR, Blue

Fitting 1) AH1 or AH2 Adapter 2) H1(Mini) or  H2(Small) Holder 3) H9 Holder 4) HCG-xxxxS-AH1 or HCG-xxxxS-AH2 Non-Rotating Holder 5) HCG-xxxx-AH1 or HCG-xxxx-AH2 Non-Rotating Holder and others like H1-MC, H2-MC adapter (Reference - EINS)

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 6mm Nitrile Bellows Cup
6mm Nitrile Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110106N diameter 6mm and fittin..
 6mm Silicone Bellows Cup
6mm Silicone Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110106S diameter 6mm and fitti..
 8mm Nitrile Bellows Cup
8mm Nitrile Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110208N diameter 8mm and fitting wit..
 8mm Nitrile Mini Bellows Cup
8mm Nitrile Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110908N diameter 8mm and f..
 8mm Silicone Bellows Cup
8mm Silicone Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110208S diameter 8mm and fitti..
 8mm Silicone Mini Bellows Cup
8mm Silicone Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110908S diameter 8mm and fitti..
10mm Fluorine Bellows Cup
10mm Fluorine Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110310F diameter 10mm and fitting ..
10mm Nitrile Bellows Cup
10mm Nitrile Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110310N diameter 10mm and fitt..
10mm Silicone Bellows Cup
10mm Silicone Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110310S diameter 10mm and fit..
12mm Nitrile Bellows Cup
12mm Nitrile Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110412N diameter 12mm and fitt..
12mm Nitrile Mini Bellows Cup
12mm Nitrile Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  111012N diameter 12mm and..
12mm Silicone Bellows Cup
12mm Silicone Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110412S diameter 12mm and fitting ..
12mm Silicone Mini Bellows Cup
12mm Silicone Mini Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  111012S diameter 12..
15mm Fluorine Bellows Cup
15mm Fluorine Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110515F diameter 15mm and fitting ..
15mm Nitrile Bellows Cup
15mm Nitrile Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110515N diameter 15mm and fitt..
15mm Silicone Bellows Cup
15mm Silicone Bellows suction cup / vacuum cup  -  110515S diameter 15mm and fitting ..

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