H20 – M12x1 Thread

H20-12, H20-12W Thread Holders / Suction metal fitting - M12x1.0 Thread with 20 strokes, BF-6 Hose Fitting or 2M5 Female type for fitting 99/98/97 vacuum cups. Example 1) mounting RGA-1275 Holder Angle Bracket and 2.5 Bellows Cup 2) mounting C-1230S Angle Plate and Flat Cup (Reference - Yushin : Suction metal fitting PAD-1-L-15)

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H20-12 M12 Holder
H20-12 M12 Holder  : 12mm diameter, 20 stroke with 4.7mm hose fitting & M12 ..
H20-12W M12 Holder
H20-12W M12 Holder  : 12mm diameter, 20 stroke with 2 female M5 & M12 t..

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