Size 30

Size 30 Nipper Blades - standard types 0, 15, 40 degree & perpendicular, offset, reverse offset, Cutting Capacity is 10mm sprue and fitting HS-30, HS-30M, MS-30, HS-50F, HS-50FM, HS-35P, HS-35MP, MSP-30 Nipper Body. Example 1) fitting Hand-Held type nipper body 2) fitting Square type nipper body 3) fitting Round type nipper body (Reference : ACY, Nile, Vessel, Swanstrom)

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0 degree Nipper Blade
0 degree F9PS Nipper Blade : with 0º and 8mm sprue cut blade for fitting HS-30, HS-30..
0 degree Short Nipper Blade
0 degree FR8P Short Nipper Blade : with 0º and 8mm sprue cut blade ford fitting HS-30, HS-..
15 degree Nipper Blade
15 degree F9P Nipper Blade : with 15º and 8mm sprue cut blade for fitting HS-30, HS-3..
40 degree Nipper Blade
40 degree FD9P Nipper Blade : with 40º and 8mm sprue cut blade for fitting HS-30, HS-..
Offset Nipper Blade
Offset OS-30 Nipper Blade : Size 30 with offset and 8mm sprue cut blade for fitting H..
Perpendicular Nipper Blade
Prependicular FP10F Prependicular Nipper Blade : with prependicular and 9mm sprue cut blade&nbs..
Reverse Offset Nipper Blade
Reverse Offset OR-30 Nipper Blade : Size 30 with reverse offset and 8mm sprue cut blade fo..

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