TCC-10M10 90 Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp : Clamping 10mm and M10 diameter Tube and 90 degree swivel. For Example clamping 10mm as follow : 10mm tube, H9-10-05~30, HCG-1010~30-AH1/AH2/AHH/AH89 Holders, AA-1050, AA-10150 Angle Arms, EA-1060/10120 Elbow Arms, VCM-1030/1060 Gripper Arms, EGA-1060/10120 Elbow Gripper Arms, NCG-1010~1030 Small Non-rotating Suspensions, SGMO-1012, SGMO-1015/S Micro, SGMI-10, SG-10-A, SG-101~6, SG-101~6SP/SN Mini Sprue Grippers, SGLB-20-10, MSB-10-10, MSB-2030-10, MGB-3-10, MGB-10-10, MGB-20-10, MEB-3510-10, MEB-2030-10, QWB-102035-10, NYB-510-10, NYB-1525-10 Nipper Brackets.

For Example clamping M10x1.0 as follow : M10 tube, H1-10-05~30, HCG-1010~30S-AH1/AH2/AHH/AH89 Holders, RCG-1025/1075, GA-1050/10100 Holder Bracket, NCG-1010~30S Small Non-rotating Suspensions

90 degree Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp for 10mm tube & M10 threaded arm

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