Barbed Fittings

Brabed Fittings for End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) adopting : including hose fittings, M5 or PT1/8 female adapters, female fittings, male bolt, male equal bolt and etc.

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2G8 PT1/8 Female Adapter
2G8 PT1/8 Female Adapter - 2 x PT1/8 female adapter with L : 25mm W: 18mm T: 18mm for fitt..
3M5 M5 Female Adapter
3M5 M5 Female Adapter - 2-M5x0.8mm female with L : 25mm W: 15mm T: 15mm Adapter for fittin..
BF-1 4.7 Hose Fitting
BF-1 4.7 Hose Fitting - 8x8mm square with 5mm hole & 4.7 diameters Hose Fittings for f..
BF-5 3.5 Hose Fitting
BF-5 3.5 Hose Fitting - 3.5 diameters Hose Fittings for fitting 3x6mm tube and Holder..
BF-6 4.7 Hose Fitting
BF-6 4.7 Hose Fitting - 4.7 diameters Hose Fittings for fitting 4x6mm tube and Holder..
M5G8 M5 & PT1/8  Female Adapter
M5G8 M5 & PT1/8 Female Adapter - M5x0.8mm & PT1/8 female adapter with L : 25mm W: ..
NF Male Equal Bolt
NF Male Equal Bolt - 2-M5x0.8mm male threaded , L : 10.5mm for fitting Barbed Fittings and..
PF Male Bolt
PF Male Bolt - M5x0.8mm, L : 4mm Bolt for fitting wih Holders, Barbed Fittings ..
S-F M5 Bolt
S-F M5 Bolt - M5x0.8mm with thru hole 1.8mm, L : 10.5mm, Bolt for fitting H20 and H89..
TF 3M5 Female Fitting
TF 3M5 Female Fitting - 3-M5x0.8mm Female, L : 13mm W: 9mm T: 9mm for fitting with PF..
TFU 2M5 Female Fitting
TFU 2M5 Female Barbed Fitting - 2-M5x0.8mm Female, L : 16mm W: 8mm T:8mm with 5mm Hole for..

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