LM-9HN : NPN C-slot magnetic sensor with 3 leads, fitting as follow items

1. Micro Sprue Grippers : SGMO-1015SN

2. Mini Sprue Grippers : SG-101SN, SG-102SN, SG-103SN, SG-104SN

3. Slide Sprue Grippers : SGL-2023FN, SGL-2095SN

4. Finger Grippers : all finger grippers with FSB-14 or FSB-20 Finger Sensor Brackets

5. All Parallel Grippers, Three-Jaw Grippers, High-Precision Grippers, Slide Cylinders

6. Mini Round Cylinders : all mini round cylinders with FSB-14 or FSB-20 finger sensor brackets

NPN C-slot Magnetic Sensor w/3 leads

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